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Global Hands-On Universe Conference 2024

September 23-27 –  Online

GHOU Conference 2024 starts on the 23rd of September.

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Message from the Organizers

Dear Potential Attendees of the 2024 Global HOU Meeting,

Thank you for coming to our site and learning about our meeting. Here are some rationale for your participation. Please join us if:

  1. You are looking for powerful, exciting, and fun astronomy/data activities and science that are ready for the classroom.
  2. You want to see your students and yourself energized and actively doing astronomy and science and data science/IT.
  3. You want to see your students engaged, excited, and actively collaborating in undertaking real science with other students from around the world.
  4. You want to be part of a massive global paradigm shift in science education, where students actually learn more and are more interested in jobs in STEM, and join a team of amazing educators from around the world.
  5. You want to join a group of similar innovative, excited, and extremely nice educators who want to help you and bond with you.
  6. You would like some of your students to eventually join an asteroid search, where students engage in planetary defence.
  7. You want your students to use networks of remote telescopes around the world.
  8. You want your students to measure the characteristics of planets around other stars.
  9. You want your students to undertake well-developed and tested activities, such as measuring the mass of the black hole in the center of our Milky Way, from genuine data.

These are just a few attractions of Global HOU, and we need good teachers, educators and scientists to join us!


Rosa Doran
Gustavo Rojas
Carl Pennypacker

Meet Our Keynote Speakers

We have an exciting lineup of keynote speakers for the conference! The list is being continually updated.

Why is this conference special?

Online Conference

Join us online from anywhere in the world.


Sessions will be hosted in 3 different time zones. Choose the most convenient time for you.


You’ll be part of a global inclusive system that works and will improve your students’ lives.


We can truly share experiences from many of our schools worldwide thanks to modern communication systems.

Conference Topics

Astronomy Education Research

Astronomy for Development

Astronomy for Equity and Inclusion

Best Practices in Astronomy Education and Outreach

Citizen Science

Cultural Astronomy and Archeoastronomy

Innovation in Education

International Collaborations in the Virtual World

Research in the Classroom with Robotic Telescopes

The Next Generation of Ground-based and Space Telescopes

Innovation and Inclusion in Education

Sustainability in Education and Science Outreach

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Top banner and website featured image: GHOU; background image credits: ESO/L. Calçada, VPHAS+ team. Acknowledgement: CASU